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Thanks for participating in the SmartThings Developer and Maker Contest. There are so many amazing ideas out there; we’ve had over 2,000 ‘Wouldn’t it be smart if…’ submissions since we launched on Kickstarter. They all deserve to be realities, but in order to focus this round of the contest, we want to narrow the submissions to the top 5 themes that most of the community is ready to see in their lives.

To help us do that, please choose up to 5 themes from the following list in which you would most like to see your life get smarter, more automated, more controllable, and more fun.

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One Response to Choose Contest Series Themes

  1. Avatar of CosmicPuppy (@tgauchat)
    CosmicPuppy (@tgauchat) May 3, 2013 at 4:40 pm #

    It seems to me that “Home Monitoring” and “Home Security” have substantial overlap (although that could be said for any pair of categories, I guess, depending on how they are defined: I suppose it will always be a challenge of what Category a particular App or Thing belongs to!).

    For the purpose of determining the Contest Categories, however, perhaps combining some of these will help determine the top choices more definitively;

    In any case, a detailed definition of each of the proposed Categories might help voters make a more informed choice — Since that definition will be required to ensure each Contest Entry is submitted and judged in the “right” Category too…

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